Szépasszony Panzió Room price (breakfast and dinner are not included): 10 EURO/person/night.

Dinner: 7 EURO/person/night.

Room price (breakfast is included): 13 EURO/person/night.

Half pension board (room price, breakfast and supper are included):
20 EURO/person/night.


  • 5 % discount for large groups (more than 15 persons)
  • 30% discount of the room price for children under 10 years.

In case you get hungry, you can eat something á la carte in every part of the day.

Szépasszony Panzió As for the half pension board, we let our guests to decide whether it should consist of a lunch or a dinner.
Lunch/dinner consists of a main course together with pickles if needed.

We serve you the local tastes in a friendly restaurant.

Grilling is possible in the back part of the garden and the appropriate tools are provided.

If you may have some other wishes, let us know them in advance or at the time of your arrival.
Our staff will be happy to help you.