Red Lake (Killer Lake), Bicaz Gorge

Red Lake (Killer Lake) Bicaz Gorge Killer Lake is situated 90 kilometers from Szentegyháza. It is a unique, natural phenomena, a marvelous spot high up in the mountains.

The lake is 30 meters (100 feet) deep. It was formed in 1836 when a landslide obstructed the Békás patak (Frog brook) and it flooded the valley. Many tree trunks are standing out of the water. These trunks did not decay because the mineral content of the water preserved them. Having a walk around the lake or boating on the lake (in summer it is possible to rent a boat) gives you a wonderful experience.

We propose you a whole day trip to the Killer Lake. This trip includes visiting the lake, the Békás szoros (Bicaz Gorge), as well as visiting the city of Gyergyószentmiklós (Gheorgheni RO).

Csíkszereda, Csíksomlyó

Csíkszereda, Csíksomlyó Csíkszereda is the meeting place of the ecumenical Hungarian people. Every year at Pentecost a pilgrimage, visited by people from all around the world, takes place here.

Harghita Mountains

Harghita Mountains Harghita Mountains (1801 m) is one of the most spectacular mountain range in the region. There are breathtaking landscapes and fascinating mountain sceneries in every season.

Conquering its peak on foot or by tractor will give you a memorable experience. High up in the mountains (quite close to the peak) you can snowball, even when summer is approaching. In winter skiing and sledging are the most popular pastimes here.

In clear weather the Mountains of Brasov, the Mountains of Gheorgheni, as well as the whole Csiki basin can be clearly seen from here.


Farkaslaka We offer you a trip to the native village of the great Transylvanian writer Áron Tamási.


Szejkefürdő The tombstone of Balázs Orbán, the great Transylvanian ethnographer, can be visited in Szejkefürdő, a place only 5 minutes from the Székely center, Székelyudvarhely.

Balázs Orbán collected the customs and the traditions of the Székely people and this collection was later published in several volumes.

His statue can be seen in the main square of Székelyudvarhely.

Saint Anne's Lake

Saint Anne's Lake We offer you a whole day trip to the picturesque lake, Saint Anne's Lake. Visiting Baile Tusnad (Tusnádfürdő - HU), the balneo-climateric health-resort, is also included.

The Legend of Saint Anne's lake

The formation of Saint Anne's Lake is often connected to a legend according to which there was a king who had two sons. Before the king died he had divided his kingdom between his sons: Lord of Budos and Lord of Balvanyos. They had only two interests: competing with one another and amassing riches. One day Lord of Budos bought the most splendid horses in the country. In order to compete with his brother, the Lord of Balvanyos had picked the twelve most beautiful of the maidens and ordered them to be harnessed to the coach. Then he rode to his brother's castle with the maidens pulling the coach. He whipped the maidens to go faster as a storm was approaching but they were exhausted and could not go faster. Then the most beautiful maiden, Anna, cursed the Lord of Balvanyos. She wished the ground would open up and the Lord of Balvanyos would fall into it. God heard Anna's cries and everything happened just as she wished. The Lord fell into its womb along with the twelve maidens. Then suddenly the skies opened and a storm filled the hole with rain. Within moments a lake had formed. The Lord turned into a dragon, and the twelve maidens became swans.